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Convenience store layout design and decoration design


The trend of boutique convenience stores and the trend of franchising, more and more convenience store operators will carry out basic shelf layout design and decoration rendering design before opening the store. So how do you make a convenience store layout design and decoration plan that suits you?

1, choose a professional convenience store shelf supplier

Professional convenience store suppliers have industry experience, face a large number of customer groups, and are most sensitive to customer needs and market dynamics, so they have a leading edge in store layout design and decoration plan formulation. At the same time, the characteristics of the shelf products and display requirements can provide some guidance for store operations.

2, style setting and brand positioning

The style setting and brand positioning of the convenience store determine the choice of decoration style, and the pursuit of high-end, atmospheric, and graded decoration style may not meet the needs of the brand. For example, a fruit and vegetable convenience store, the style of decoration is more focused on environmental protection and nature. If you choose a strong color or more colors, the positioning of the fruit and vegetable store is a bit inaccurate. Therefore, before the convenience store is renovated, you must first determine your own style positioning.

3, convenience store business circle positioning and consumer group choice

The convenience store's business circle survey is the most important basis for the location of the store, and it is instructive for the layout design and decoration design of the convenience store shelves. The choice of consumer groups determines the choice of products, business scope, product positioning, and consumer tastes. It should also be the focus of store decoration. You can refer to the good storefronts around the business circle for reference. The specific practical plan must be Have their own characteristics.
The above is just the basic content that convenience stores need to consider when making store layout design and decoration plan. To each store, different solutions and designs are needed. In particular, convenience store operators did blindly conduct convenience store shelf procurement and store decoration when they did not conduct business circle investigations. In the type and quantity of purchases, they were too hasty and rectified after opening, which was a bit passive.

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