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Material and selection of supermarket cashier countertops


The checkout counter is one of the most basic and important equipments of a store. The choice of the checkout counters of different business contents is different. For example, the checkout counters of clothing stores and convenience stores have different check-in counters due to different merchandise and positioning. The choices will vary, such as color, material, height, configuration requirements, and more. Among them, the material selection for the checkout countertop is a place that many merchants pay more attention to when choosing the checkout counter.

1. Wooden checkout countertop

The choice of wooden countertops should be determined according to the shape and size of the checkout counter and the decoration style of the storefront. The processing of wooden countertops is relatively simple and cheap. It is not only anti-corrosive, but also easy to clean. It also looks strong, but it cannot It is often exposed to the sun, so it should not be placed in places where sunlight is often used. It is not recommended to use it in food processing locations. For example, wooden countertops are not recommended for Oden cooking and take-out in the checkout area.

2, Marble checkout countertop

There are two kinds of marble countertops: natural marble and artificial marble. The natural marble countertops look tall, elegant, beautiful and have good color. However, because of its smooth surface and long time, it is easy to see oil and water infiltrate, which will make the desktop look very greasy. Only after re-brushing varnish, the price is relatively expensive; while the density of artificial marble is relatively high, it is not easy to have oil and water infiltration, and it is easier to clean. The Jinan Industry God Cashier does not provide a checkout counter for marble countertops, but can provide customers with countertop drawings, which customers can purchase and install.

3, Fire board checkout countertop

The fireproof board is also called a refractory board. It is a base paper (titanium powder paper, kraft paper) which is impregnated with melamine and phenolic resin and is made through a high temperature and high pressure environment. It has the characteristics of thermal insulation, light weight, high strength, fire-resistant flame retardant, simple processing, etc. It is the most widely used in the cabinet industry. Now the cashier countertops produced by the larger commercial equipment companies are all fireproof board materials. The disadvantage of the fireproof board top is that the concave and convex processing cannot be performed, and the three-dimensionality is poor. However, due to its low price and long life, it has been used by most cashier manufacturers.

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